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This is my special friend Breeda

Breeda is originally from Ireland.

Please feel free to click some of Jo's art...

Four years before Jo died she completed the arduous Chilkoot Trail hike over the Gold Rush route between Alaska and the Yukon with Tom and I. Here is the story of this hike together with some of Jo's wonderful cartoon illustrations.

Chilkoot Story

Images of my recent Amazon Cruise: November 2001

Exploring the Jungle
Belem Grenada

Images of my Mediterranian Cruise, Fall 2000

Rome and Florence
France and Barcelona

Both cruises were on the SS Sunbird, and were operated by Sunquest in Canada and Airtours in the UK.

More pictures including my Baltic and St. Petersburg cruise coming up shortly.

My Mother's Memoirs

My mother wrote her memoirs just before she died. They are reproduced in full with many illustrations on my son Tom's website. I encourage you to read them. Click on the photo to go to Tom's website.

My Father, Frank Haythornthwaite

My father was born in Blackburn, Lancashire, in 1907. He spent most of his working life as a telephone engineer in the British Post Office. I learned the basics of engineering from him. A better teacher I cannot imagine.

His hobby was woodwork. Eventually he acquired a Muckle ornamental turning lathe with which he produced the most accurate and exquisite work. This photo was originally reproduced in an article about him in the London Evening News, when he won a major prize from the Worshipful Company of Turners.

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